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Ariakit at React Conf

Ariakit at React Conf
By Haz • Issue #1 • View online
Hi friends,
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For the past few months, I’ve been working hard on the next major release of Reakit. This includes a more convenient API, better screen reader support, and several performance improvements.

Reakit is now Ariakit
Reakit has evolved. We’ve been focusing more and more on accessibility. In the future, we’d like to provide more framework-agnostic utilities as well.
Reakit stands for React Toolkit. Ariakit stands for Aria Toolkit, which is better aligned with these goals.
You can learn more about that change on What is Ariakit?.
New docs
A new documentation site is under development. You’ll be able to interact with multiple examples for each component and play with the code directly in the browser.
Ariakit will remain an unstyled component library, but you’ll be able to see and play with the example CSS. You can use it as a reference to write your own.
I've made a lot of progress on this new @reakitjs docs:

- Generated with actual (testable) files.
- Server-side rendered.
- Fast refresh.
- Code is editable in the browser, including styles.
- Open in CodeSandbox.
- Dark/light mode.

What more would like to see there?
Sneak peek at React Conf
Tomorrow, around 10 am PT, React Conf 2021 will take place.
Around 2:10 pm PT, I’m going to talk about building accessible components using React 18. We’re going to fix the accessibility issues of a Combobox component using Ariakit and use React Suspense to render the items asynchronously.
All this in just 8 minutes.
Join @diegohaz for his talk “Building accessible components with React 18” to see the challenges of building accessible components and how new APIs in React 18 can help
See you there!
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By Haz

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