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Select components

Select components
By Haz • Issue #3 • View online
Hi friends,
This month I’d like to share one of the most requested components of Ariakit. We’ve been working on it for months, and now it’s finally available on the latest alpha version.

Select components
A custom Select component with groups.
A custom Select component with groups.
The new Select component has finally been shipped with the latest alpha version of Ariakit.

- Lower-level components.
- Bring your own styles.
- Proper semantics and screen reader support.
- Automatic focus management.
- Keyboard support.

And more... 🧵
While I’ve been receiving feedback from people who are testing the alpha, I noticed quite a few using the Menu component as a custom select widget, which is problematic. This was happening so frequently that we made the decision to work on a specific Select component before the final release.
The new Select component is now available on v2.0.0-alpha.20.
Here’s a list of examples you can use as a reference:
Other stuff
What's next
Right now, composite components such as Menu, Combobox, and Select may render hundreds of items without performance issues. We’re now working on a built-in virtualization feature with proper keyboard support (which is hard to handle with the existing libraries), so they will be able to render thousands of items even on low-end devices.
Hopefully, we’ll talk more about that in the next newsletter.
See you!
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By Haz

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