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I’d like to share the work in progress on one of Ariakit’s most requested features that will benefit a lot of components in the library.

Scrolling a virtualized list of messages
Scrolling a virtualized list of messages
Do you know what Combobox, Menu, Radio, Select, Tab, and Toolbar have in common? They all take advantage of the powerful Composite component.
Those components may render multiple elements. Ariakit is already optimized to render hundreds of composite items. But, for those who need an extra performance boost, we’ve been working on a virtualization feature.
Virtualized list with keyboard navigation built with Ariakit (work in progress):
Virtualization means that, even if your list has thousands of items, only the elements in the viewport will be rendered.
On Ariakit, we have to consider arrow keys and typeahead navigation. We still need access to items outside of the viewport to move focus to them when necessary. That’s why we’re building this feature into a new optional CompositeViewport component.
All components powered by Composite will immediately benefit from this feature.
I will share more information in the next newsletter. Stay tuned.
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By Haz

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